drink real tea mission

drink real tea mission


That’s right – we have finally had enough of the flavorless slop that is crushed into dust and crammed into the nation’s teabags. Tea drinkers deserve better – real whole leaf tea. So here we have it – a real tea mission!

Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to demand better quality real tea from cafes, restaurants, and hotels across the country; so if you haven’t already, sign up on our mission petition below and tell us why you love real tea. We will use your comments when talking to new outlets about stocking teapigs, and hopefully this will persuade them to stock the real whole leaf tea that you deserve.


Thank you for joining our mission.

If you know of somewhere that should be serving real tea, include their name in the message field and we’ll contact them.
Don’t worry, we won’t tell them who snitched!drinrealtealogo

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